Then & Now

I started this blog late in January, 2009 - at the time because i just really liked the tracking bars on Give Me Back My Five Bucks.  I started reading Krystal's blog quite a bit, then started reading others - and before long, I had one of my own.

At the time, I had next to nothing in savings and had quite a bit of debt.  My networth was ($7,499):
  • $1,500 in cash
  • $1,870 in retirement
  • $2,000 - value of my car
  • ($9,658) - student loan debt
  • ($3,211) - credit card debt
Through all the ups and downs - one year later my networth is $4,155. It has increased by $11,654:
  • $5,949 in cash
  • $978 in company shares
  • $3,100 in retirement savings
  • $2,000 - value of my car
  • ($7,872) - student loan debt
My Story So Far

2009 commenced with fears of being laid off.  The first 8 months of 2009 was a very scary time.  I learned that I need to plan for unexpected expenses, that aren't really unexpected.  You supported me as a struggled for sooo long to pay off my credit card. You read as Jordan and i navigated combining our finances with the beginning of our joint house fund and later with a joint chequing account

I learnt how large of an impact $15/month can make.  I found a way to take a second job - without finding a new employer - when a started an overtime project at work.  As fears of lay off at work built, i created a budget based on EI benefits - and felt safer knowing that Jordan and I would get through whatever got thrown at us.  I started using Gails Magic Jars to knock some sense in my spending - and boy did that every help!

We've gone through roommate, after roommmate, after roommate, after roommate....

My horse, Starlight, moved to Calgary this summer - and that brought on some more unique challenges.  In efforts to find success, and to avoid more epic fails - in Mid August, i finally cut up my credit card and that's what really saved me from it's rampant use.

Jordan and I gardened, had date nights, and started planning and saving to buy my great aunt's home - and boy did we start planning for Christmas early.  We even learnt a lot about grocery shopping

In September, I became credit card debt free!

I got a raise in October - and we spent some heavy money in November (much to some readers disappointment) - but I hadn't lost my way.  We also negotiated a rent decrease in October and accomplished some serious savings.  Christmas went off without much of a hitch and I explored the true cost of Christmas Trees.

Early in 2010, you all helped Jordan with the first question he's asked in this forum - he loved reading the comments you left!   I actually bought shares and became a very small owner of the company I work for.

It's been an amazing journey so far - thank you!  Here are my top referrers, and some awesome bloggers - if you haven't read them already - i would highly suggest it.
  1.  Saving For Later
  2. Shaking The Money Tree
  3. Frugal Dreamer
  4. Gail Vaz-Oxlade
  5. Give Me Back My Five Bucks 
  6. Canadian Savings
  7. Girl Makes Cents
  8. Punch Debt in The Face
  9. The Asian Pear
  10. The Financial Catastrophizer


  1. What one year has a difference been for you! You and Jordan are doing great.

  2. @ The Asian Pear - Thanks!! It's pretty incredible to look back over a year and see what's been accomplished. Without this blog, i wouldn't have been able to do that.

  3. What a fantastic year you have had! So much accomplished. I hope you do this again next year!!

  4. Congrats! Love reading these kinds of posts and how far people have come.

  5. Thats a long road to have travelled. Congrats on making it as far as you have.



  6. @ young, Girl, eemusings & Canadian Savings

    Thank you so much for the kind words - it's been a great journey. So looking forward to making 2010 my total debt free year!


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