Bi-Weekly Budget

Here is this pay period's bi-weekly budget:

You'll notice quite a few changes as a result of the last few weeks that were in turmoil.  I wrote yesterday about my praise for emergency funds and that I decided that instead of taking ~$650 from my emergency fund account, I would just adjust my budgets for this week and next payday to cover the unexpected expenses.

  • I've transfered $50 from my ING annual expenses fund to help cover the cost of my car registration which I have to pay this month.
  • I've put a temporary stop on all ING savings/funds (except for the house fund) for this pay and next until I pay off my visa
  • My variable categories are the same (transport, food, entertainment, and other).  The entertainment is likely to just go to gas as I'll be trying to visit family this up-coming weekend
  • I've put my student loan lump sum payment on hold
The rest of my visa bill will be paid off next pay day.


  1. I read this and I can't help but marvel at how much you have learned and accomplished since you started blogging.

  2. @ Jolie - thanks!

    I don't know if I would have made the same decisions if I had run into so many back to back issues last year - it feels so good to have a plan.

  3. Good decision, girl. When you get to year-end, and are close to knocking out your Student Loans anyway, you could do the transfer then (from your EF to SL) cause you will have more in your EF and may decide that no SL is more important that a $2500 EF And thanks for buying dinner - It is awesome having a grown-up daughter.

  4. It's fantastic that you can replenish your EF without too much hassle. Congrats on how far you've come!


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