Joint Benefits

Jordan and I have finalllly put each other on our employer paid benefits!

It tooks us long enough, but we'll start to reap the rewards very quickly.  From everything to prescription drug coverage to dental care - we're now doubly covered.

I put together a summary of Jordan's and my benefits below, hopefully it all makes sense.

There are other benefits of course, such as travel insurance, ambulance coverage etc. but the above summarize the most relevent information I think.

I'll explain a few things:
  • We both have 90% coverage on presecription drugs - we don't now have 180%, we now have 100% coverage.  After one plan pays, the other picks up the remaining 10%
  • On the paramedical services, we know each have $1,300 in coverage (except for the two items that don't over lap)
  • Each plan will pay for the  maximum in vision care, so that's awesome for me b/c I wear glasses!
  • Jordan added me to his dental coverage (hurray!), but I did not add him to mine.  This is because Jordan doesn't pay premiums for his dental coverage and I do - the increase in premiums isn't really worth it (at this time) because Jordan is also covered by his inuvialuit benefits.
  • We don't share in each others life insurance, LTD, STD etc. benefits except where there is a spousal dependent benefit if one of us passes.  This is just how the plans are set up.
If anyone has questions, I would be happy to answer them as best I can.


  1. Hey Jessie can you re-size your table?

  2. I went on my husband's insurance in January, too, even though I have my own -- just to be doubly covered. Cost too much to put him on mine, so it's only to my advantage. Plus, I doubt the security of my job, so it's a safety net, too.

  3. I am embarassed to admit that insurance just confuses me. This whole post might as well have been written in latin.

  4. I'm terribly impressed that both of your insurances cover non-allopathics.

    @me in millions: Have you not yet needed to nav health insurance bennies? I think it takes a couple passes through before they really start to come clearer. (Note: they're never really starkly clear)

  5. @ Rainy - It'll be nice - just in case anything comes up. I rarely make a claim but it's good to know we're covered.

    @ me in millions - wow, I didn't even think that I should explain employer paid benefits before diving into explaining my coverage.

    Do you have a specific area that doesn't make sense, or is it all of the above - I'd be happy to provide some clarity

  6. @ Revanche - I haven't heard the term non-allopathics, what does that mean?

  7. I used non-allopathic because I couldn't think of osteopathic at the time. Allopathic - traditional M.D. type medicine that addresses the symptoms of the problem whereas the osteopathic approach is a whole body school of thought (your naturopaths, osteopaths, massage therapists, etc.)


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