Basement Flooding

Guys...our basement is flooding.


Okay, so we don't have a swimming pool downstairs.  but every time the sun comes out and the temperature creeps up it gets sloshy under the floor.  We can here it squishing in a few spots and it pools in the storage room on the other side of the basement.

We're chatting to my Uncle (a general contractor in town) about our options.  It looks like we can either excavate around the entire house, put in weeping tiles, and a membrane around the outside of the house.  We'd have to take out a few sections of fence, and the very large wheelchair ramp.  Thankfully we haven't planted our gardens, or fenced the whole yard yet (just the dog run).

The other option would involve demoing the entire basement, jack hammering around the walls and installing a weeping tile/sump pump system inside.  Then of course, re-finishing the inside.  The basement is not finished well, so it's not like we'd be tearing out high quality finishings and there were some things downstairs that we wanted to do eventually - make a bigger bathroom.  Plumb for a bath/shower (it's just a half bath right now) and have a bedroom where right now there is just a giant great room.

So...we'll see which option makes the most sense in the spring, but I'd love to hear from anyone if you've had to make this decision.


  1. Oh no, how disheartening for you guys. Like you said, at least the basement and the yard aren't done, but I don't imagine this was on your radar. To be honest, I'd probably excavate around the house & put in new weeping tile. Water is so destructive and can happen over and over. You really need expert advice on your situation and what will fix it once & for all, and go from there. Oh the joys of owing a home....

  2. Ugh! We had sump pumps when we lived on 10th st. As an adult now I get why my dad would always go for a drive to see how high the river was getting in the spring. Our guest room had 1970s carpet that always smelled musty.


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