Unexpected Expenses - okay, maybe I should have planned for this.

Something new has popped up again. Maybe this is why it's so hard to stay on track. I need summer tires. Well, I needed summer tires. Growing up in my family, there is one thing you don't neglect on your vehicle and that is proper summer and proper winter tires. That's right, you need TWO sets of tires.

I did find an excellent deal!

I managed (through my boyfriend) to get 4 Hankook Mileage Plus II's for $322.06!! This is an amazing price... I was quoted as high as $560 to buy and have them installed. I bought them at the cheaper price, and J was able to install them at his shop!

So, it's wayyy less then I was expecting (I figured it I would have to shell out $500) but it's still not $$ that I have available right now. So, I put it on my credit card (not yet updated in the tracking bars). Further to this I recently received a ticket for not displaying my car registration properly (Grrrr to Alberta for having different rules than BC!). That is going to cost me about $300.

So... I have about $700 of unexpected costs this week. *sighs*

I am having troubles decieding if this counts as an 'emergency'. Do I use my emergency fund to pay for this? Do I use part of it? or - do I had two more payments to my credit card debt repament. I really don't want to do that.

or - do I spend less money, or do I make more money?

There are a lot of options here...and I just don't know what the right one is.


  1. What about cutting some off your emergency fund and putting it on your credit card instead? If it's $100 now, even if you took $25 of that and put it on your visa alongside the usual visa payment, you wouldn't be cutting your emergency fund too much, but you'd be doing something. I dunno.

  2. P.S. Yes, I am commenting on your blog instead of packing and folding laundry.


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