A second Job - at my job!

I've spoken to my primary supervisor about putting in some OT at work, and she thought it was a great idea. She cautioned me not to get 'burnt out' but said that she would prefer I put in the hours if I need the money rather then hiring an hourly person for a few weeks.

Hurrah! All I had to do was ask!

So right now we have a but-load (yes, I said a but-load) of filing to do. That will be my first project. Once that complete, we need to go through about 500 employee files to audit them - essentially (I work in Human Resources - hence the employee files).

I think that I need a weekly goal in terms of hours. I think my goal will be 7.5 of payable hours (which would be 10 hours worked) each week. I'm going to start on Moday, June 15, 2009.

I will create a tracking bar - much like the ones in my columns - and this will track my time, so I can share it with you.

What else.....I'll need a schedule. Right now I work 8am-4:30pm (8.5 hours less an hour for lunch). If I work 7am-5pm and take 30 minutes for lunch, that would be an extra 2 hours each day - this would mean I would reach my goal!

Thanks for the support!


  1. I just finished making my tracking bar, and I realized that I currently have 12 hours of banked OT. I'm going to include that on my June goal as I won't be starting until the 15th, which is half of the month gone anyways.

  2. Well done, Jessie. You are on your way to Making More Money, with as little stress to you as possible, and you will still have your weekends off, and all your booked Vacation

  3. Thanks mom!!

    Jordan was super supportive too. He figured that this would be a good way to make more money, have less stress, and not compromise our plans for the summer.

    Yay! It's going to feel so so so good to have the credit card paid off!!


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