Hurray for Emergency Funds

As you all know, last weekend I was in crisis mode. I had a family emergency that pulled me away from Calgary and had me driving all over BC and spending a few nights in a hotel.  My grandmother (thanks to all who asked) is doing well; however, there are still risks and next steps that the family will have to take on in the coming months.

From the moment I left work on Friday morning, to when I got back home late Monday night - I was not worried about money.  I wasn't worried about gas money to drive, or money to pay for the hotel ($110/night), or money to buy supper - heck I bought supper for the family twice. I was comforted that I had over $1,000 in the bank for just this sort of thing.  I was so much more relaxed and able to focus on what was needed because I knew this wouldn't be a problem.

Here's a break down of what I spent:

Most of the category's are fairly self explanatory however something hasn't posted to my account yet, so there's $10.00 not accounted for.  This is likely parking or some such thing.  I also purchased an update to my GPS that I got for Christmas prior to all this and it is also sitting on my Visa.

You'll see on tomorrow's bi-weekly budget that I have allotted $450 to pay the majority of this off and I have set aside an additional $220 on my next pay day (Feb 19) to pay off the rest, because although knowing I had my emergency fund gave me peace of mind, it looks like I won't actually have to use it.


  1. It is nice to rest easy when you know the money is available to cover such instances as this. Glad to hear your grandmother is well.

  2. We have Gail to thank for Emergency Funds, eh

  3. Glad you had that to fall back on - hope your grandma has a speedy recovery.

  4. Family emergencies shouldn't cause financial emergencies, and lucky for you, you were prepared.

    I'm glad everything worked out.


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