Parking - Saving Money

Not too long ago I told all of you that my parking rates were set to go up in February. I had hinted when I posted my 2010 budget that my parking situation would change but now the time is actually here!

I called the folks who manage the lot where I park and it seems that I am fully paid for the month of February - I thought I had to pay for this month still, whoohoo!. At the end of the month I will courier them my parking pass and then they will courier me a $25 cheque which is the refund of my deposit on the parking pass. I'm currently planning on putting that $25 towards my student loan debt.

My new parking rate, starting March 1, 2010 is $35/month.  The wait list for surface parking where I work is currently a few years long (I've been on it about a year now), but a girl I work with is going on maternity leave and doesn't want to give up her spot.  I'm effectively renting the spot from her until either she comes back from leave, or my name makes it to the top of the list.  Thankfully, work is actually going to just start withdrawing the funds from my pay so I don't have to write the girl a pile of cheques - that makes it wayyy easier for both of us.

The $35 will be deducted from the last pay of each month, I'll be updating my bi-weekly spreadsheets to reflect the changes :)  This change saves me $22.50/month or $270 for the year! Go debt repayment go!


  1. Every little bit helps!

  2. You have to pay for parking at your work? I guess thats is as bad as me paying for an extra spot at my apartment so that I can bring home my work truck

  3. @ canadiansavings - we sure do...parking in this city is ridiculous! I'm just glad our office isn't located right down down anymore - people pay several hundred dollars a month to park. I'm lucky it's only $35 lol

  4. out of curiousity, how much were you paying before? were you doing street parking or lot parking? cause those often are a doozy!

  5. @ Asian - For the last year or so it's been $147/3 months but as of December 1, 2009 the monthly parking rate was increased to $57.50 per month and for those customers who pay quarterly (every 3 months) the rate was increased to $170.

    There is only lot parking available near where I work... the street parking had 2 hour maximum's on it - and the parking authority hand out tickets like it's going out of style (1 ticket = 3 months of parking)

  6. Parking can definitely add up... my friend was paying a small fortune for her parking pass when she had to park downtown.. ouch!!

  7. My gosh, you are lucky! Is that in the city? Inner city parking anywhere remotely near the CBD is minimum $110 a month. Which is what I pay for my unlimited bus pass :)

  8. @ half and eemusings - i'm grateful that I don't have to park downtown - about a month after I joined the company, we moved buildings. We're about 10-15 minutes from the core now.


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