January Utilities - Bills are In

I'm staying with my family this weekend while visiting my grandmother in the hospital and got to talking about the utility bills with my mom.  In the spirt of that conversation I thought that I would post this months bills.  When I say this months bills, I actually mean last months usage.  I get the last of the three bills on the fifth of the month following the month we're being billed for (follow that?)

The Enmax bill, which includes gas (heat), electricity, water, waste water, recycling (* relitlvely new), etc. went up by $7 since last month.  According to Enmax (yea, i asked) our water usage is about half of where most peoples are (proportionate to the number of people that are living in the house) - stayed about the same, electicity stayed about the same - it's just the gas part that went up a bit - this is heating costs.  I hate to imagine how much it would have gone up if we hadn't covered our windows.

The Shaw bill went down by about $6 because I talked less... I used my cell phone quite a bit last month, and actually went over in minutes (don't worry, not by too much).

Bell is the same as it always is (unless Jordan orders a pay-per-view or some such thing).

So, we each owe $147.77

It's not so bad, but it's not so great.  When Jordan and I set up our bi-weekly contributions to our joint account, we estimated that the highest utilites would ever be is $150 (with three people splitting them).  As long as the bills don't go up again, we'll be right on the mark - and they should start to decline as the weather warms up.

I fear that some of you will say the bills are too high, however; I have actually negotiated lower rates on all of the bills above.  Unforutnatly we're bound by a two year contract with Bell - so can't look at other HD television providers until the middle of this summer - but that time will arrive before we know it.


  1. If Bell is your TV, is shaw your internet? Have you considered asking Bell about bundling? So they provide your telephone, mobile, television cable/digital and internet? It needn't be all of them but I know that when you bundle more, you do get a better discount.

  2. Your satellite bill is close to mine (though I use Shaw for that). My phone bill is a bit more, but it includes internet. I've never seen all the other utilities combined in one bill before. We get an Energy Bill, a Gas bill and a water/sewage bill, all separately. I am thinking yours is about the same as mine, or slightly less.

  3. @ Asian Pear - Bell is my TV and shaw is my internet and home phone. Unfortunatly Bell does not bundle services in Western Canada yet :(
    We're going to look at bundling all with Shaw in the summer when the Bell contract is over.

    @ Jolie - You can split up the enmax bill into a few providers, but it seems to make sense to keep it all together, so far it's been less when I compare with other providers.

    I'm glad to hear that things are pretty in line with the two of you - thanks so much for commenting!

  4. I'm not one who would say your bills are too high... ours come up to $614!


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