My Horse!

No, this is not my horse; however, she might have one that looks just like this little guy!

Thats right, she might be pregnant.

As it turns out where she was located in April, a Stud broke through two fences to get to her. This stud (some say stallion) spent 6 days with Star and another mare.....

The gestation period for a horse is 10-12 months... So come next Spring I might have a foal to contend with.

But for now, we shall explore the costs of just bringing Starlight home. I have estimated high for some of these items, but I think It will be pretty accurate. I have already paid the deposit for key (for access to the pasture), and I do not NEED to do a pregnancy test - so that can wait a few months or longer. I will have to do vaccinations and pay for her first months board. I would like to offer my cousin, who is driving her to calgary, $50 for his trouble.
He is coming to Calgary anways - but in hauling a trailor with a 1500lbs animal, he decreases his fuel economy some. Im also assuming that I will start spending at least $30 more a month to visit Star. She is only about a 20 minute drive from the house, but if I go out often, which I intend to do, Ill have to pay for it in gas.

I do need to buy some new tack, but It may cost as little as $75 - I will need some brushes, bug spray, wd40, vaseline, gloves, new boots - oh wait, new boots. I will need about $200 for new tack.

Okay - so, now I have to come up with about $700. Great.

That was a little pessimistic... Realistically, I have to come up with about $500.

Hmmm.... How do I find $500 extra in my already very tight, tight budget....


  1. Have you decided not to do the shots yourself? And wait to see if she gains weight before the pregnancy test. And Star will be part of your entertainment budget. And maybe if you do meal planning like Kara suggested you can squeeze your grocery budget a tad. Gail had a good discussion on that today.

  2. Hey Mom - I'll do the shots myself, but I like estimating high - plus, i forgot to ask how much the de-wormer would be.

    Also - yes i'm going to wait for the prego test. I called the vet to make sure there was no rush. They said she would be fine and know how to take care of herself. True - she will be, I hadn't thought of that. Can she be entertainment and other jar as well?

    Jordan said he might be into the meal planning thing - now we just have to do it.

  3. Wow. First of all it's great that you're keeping her! Good luck coming up with an extra $500!

    Can you sell stuff? or maybe babysit some kids? Time to get creative! :D

  4. I enjoyed looking at your blog. You seem to be making a lot of progress on your goals... even while having a horse! I know how expensive horses can be, my sister has been riding for years.


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