Quick Update - Magic Jars are a go

I set up my jars tonight, I only had $110 in cash on me (such a rarity), so I'll have to stop at the bank tomorrow after work to pick up the remaining $195 to top up my jars for the full two week allotment. I think this will work better then drawing out the funds each week. This way, after i take out the $$, there should be no need for either debit or credit until next pay day (that's the theory, right Gail?)



  1. They look lovely indeed. That is for two weeks yes? How exciting to start.

  2. Wow, the visual impact of the jars is very compelling!

    So do you carry the jars with you to the store as well? I think my problem would be what happens between taking the money out of jar and when I get home. How's that part going for you?

  3. Lovin' the set up! :)

  4. Your jars look very cool. I think you will manage very well with them. Did you make a budget binder, too, to write down what you spend as you spend it?

  5. @Jolie - yes, that's for two weeks, it's very exciting!!

    @Dr. Faith - I haven't exactly figured out how that will play out. I think defn. going to leave the jars at home, and then maybe carry $20-$40 on me depending on what I'm doing. I beleive the point of the jars (besides the visual) is the tracking of where you spend money. That will be the real challenge.

    I'll defn. keep you in the loop as to how it's going.

    @Frugal - Thanks!!

    @Mom - Hey mom! The little clipboard in the background is my 'binder' the first page is a summary of the jar amounts (and the stickers on the jars say the same thing), and then there is a page for each category with lines on it. I can easily add more pages if I need to.

  6. Aw so cute! I hope you have nice neighbors that won't look inside your window and try to break in. ;)

  7. I like your clip board! So many people on Gail's site has complained that she doesn't provide the "budget binder" but really, anyone can make one up themselves with Word or Excel.

    Great job!

  8. @ pretty pennies - me too!!

    @ Jamie - Thanks! It was pretty quick to pull the pages together using excel.


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