Homemade Bread - I Did It!

Back in October I had mentioned I wanted to learn how to make my mom's bread.  Well, at Christmas - I got the KitchenAid I so desperately wanted, and just this weekend I finally made my first loaf of bread!

I'll share with you this experience, in pictures!

After mixing all the ingredients in my lovely Kitchen Aid - I got to the best part... kneading!

Then it has to rise, not once

  but twice

 into the oven....


mmm yum!

I had halved the recipe I used b/c I wasn't sure how much it would make - next time I'll use the whole recipe and put a bit more dough in each pan.


  1. MMM! Looks so yum! Wish I was a little domestic...

  2. looks great!
    all you need is a little butter now. Mmm.

  3. @ millions - i was actually surprised at how easy it was....

    @ Pear - oh yes - as soon as it came out of the oven we had a few slices slathered with butter...mmmmm


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