Budget Booster Potential

As you all know, Jordan and I recently had to find a new roommate.  Well, Roommate Number 4 gave us a call last night - he did not, surprisingly, say he couldn't move in.  He has a friend who is a student, and recently broke up with his girlfriend - he's down and out, trying to find somewhere to stay.  Girlfriend had all the furniture, and the place they were renting, and now he's got nothing.

Roommate Number 4 knows that we have a fully furnished spare room.

He would like for us to rent out spare room, to spare friend for a month - two tops, until he can get back on his feet. Jordan and I were really torn, because we really enjoy having that extra space for people (friends and family) to be able to use when going through the city or what not.  It's also nice to have our printer set up in their and an extra desk.

We talked it over and Jordan and I decided that we would temporarily rent out our spare room to spare friend. However; the arrangement would be the same as Roommate Number 4.  Same damage deposit, same rent, and a split of the utilities.  Yes - we could re-arrange how much everyone pays but its very temporary, and we're technically not supposed to have more then one roommate living with us (the deal we made with landlord to reduce the rent) - because there is a big risk, we need to maximize our potential benefit.

All of this is dependent on meeting spare friend.  They are coming by the house tonight about 6pm to meet us.


  1. Good luck! Sounds like it could really work out for your benefit.

  2. Ack. Just be careful. You don't want to piss off your landlord. I hope he doesn't live too close to you to be able to monitor you. Otherwise than that... Enjoy the extra income!

  3. We figured we should be safe b/c one of the concerns was ware and tare on the place - the spare friend has nothing but a duffle bag of clothes - he'll be using our furnished room.

    They don't check up on us, so it should be good for only a short while.

  4. My gosh you have a crazy roommate revolving door! Hopefully it is a temporary budget boost, and use that extra money for something great!


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