New Roommate - We Have One!

When we got notice from Samantha that she would be moving out right along side my brother and his girlfriend, we put out a few 'feeler' advertisements to see if there was any interest and to see if we had priced the room appropriately ($500/month plus a 1/3 split of the utilities).

Thursday evening we had a person come by the view the space, and he actually seemed like a pretty cool guy.  We explained all of our expectations and asked if he had questions and if he had any expectations of us.  After a few Facebook messages back and forth, we've asked if he would like to take the room and he's accepted!

New guy, we'll call him Jeff, has to be out of his current place by noon on October 31, 2009.  My brother and his girlfriend are planning, thus far, to be in the space until the end of day on October 31st.  That creates a bit of an uncomfortable timeline.

As Sam should be finished moving by October 24th, we've told Jeff that he can use that room as a 'staging' area before setting everything up in my brother's room.  He can move all his stuff in prior to the 31st (to hopefully avoid a traffic jam).  The reason for the shifting around is b/c my brother's room has a bigger closet - so we'd like to offer him that.

What does this mean?

It means that our budget is going to change again!

In October, our rent was $250 (and for the past few months), after we got notice from everyone leaving - we anticipated our rent would be $750/each (Jordan and me).  It will now be $500/month.  Since I've already done up a budget for $750/month, I effectively have an 'extra' $250/month to re-budget.

I'm thinking that this will probably go to the emergency fund until I reach the $1,000 mark.  Then it may go to my clothing fund, and then perhaps debt after that.  We'll see how everything works out.  I'm not going to make any changes to my budget until Jeff has actually moved in and I have deposited his rent cheque.  I want to play it safe.


  1. I.m glad you have everything laid out for him. That should avoid many of the little conflicts roommate have along the way.

  2. You must be relieved to have a roommate to help with the rent. That is quite a tight move-in schedule. Sounds like it will be a hectic, chaotic week.

  3. @ mom - we have a plan...I just hope it all works out. I'm worried that it won't work up and we'll wind up having to do November on our own... I like to think i'm an optimist, but in this case I feel a little hesitant.

    @ss4BC - We are releived, but I don't think I'll really feel it until he's actually moved in and I have his rent cheque in hand.

    Right now I'm anxious and nervous... *sigh.

  4. Sounds like you've got it all worked out. I hope everything goes well with the new roomie -- financially and otherwise!


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