I am now an owner!

One of the unique and awesome things about the company I work for is that it is 100% employee owned, in an industry where that is pretty rare (from my understanding of it). All salaried employees can join the share purchase program and put however much away each pay day towards their purchase. You can purchase shares twice a year (end of June and end of December). I’m sure some of you saw the budget line and tracking bar I had, working towards my first share purchase.

This past December the minimum purchase was 20 shares (and then you can buy in increments of 5), thanks to a stellar interest rate when they set the prices, I was able to buy 25 shares!

I feel pretty excellent about that!

It’s confidential information, so I can’t share exactly the structure/dividends pay – but it’s pretty good.

The shares are more than a financial investment, it’s an investment in my career. For me to be able to reach lofty heights in this company – I need to reach a certain….status….we’ll call it. The minimum number of shares for this status, is around 1,700…. So I certainly have a way to go – and owning the shares isn’t the only thing I need to do to reach this status, but it is one of the core requirements. I figure if I buy them up now, it’s less I have to buy in a lump sum fashion 10 or 15 years down the road. It also helps my management team see that I have an ownership mentality, and plan on making something of myself here.  



  1. That is so cool! And a great opportunity for you to grow.

  2. That's really interesting! I've never heard of anything like that before, but it seems like a good way to encourage workers to really be invested (for lack of a better work) in the company .

  3. At first, I thought that you've been granted stocks by the company you're working. Anyway, I think your company is doing good with the program since you sound pretty motivated to do your job. Actually, employee stock ownership is prevalent in the high-tech companies. There are a lot of companies today are offering stock incentives to employees, to have them a sense of ownership to the company they're serving. Even the larger companies nowadays like Pepsi occasionally awards stock ownership to employees. It's collaboration at it's finest, in my opinion...

  4. @ Mom - it's great!

    @ ee - it's a pretty cool thing about our company. There are no external owners, we're all employees.

    @ Stephan - thanks for your comment!


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