Savings Snowball Update

It's Friday!! Love Fridays!

I've updated my side bars and am pleased to say that I'm right on track.

Below is an image I've taken from my savings snowball tracking spreadsheet (from late September on).  Today I transfered about $50 from my Christmas fund (b/c I already hit that goal) to my emergency fund, that combined with next pay days big deposit I'll have reached my goal of $1,000 in my e-fund before 2010!

You can see that I'm also on track to reach my RRSP goal for 2009 as well!



  1. Thanks for the reminder! I remembered to pay all of my bills but TOTALLY forgot to update my status bars! Shame on me. =)

    Way to go on saving Jessie! Those numbers look GREAT!

  2. They all put you over your original 2009 goal! That's so great! I love seeing these excel posts, I need to learn how to do that. Keep up the great work!

  3. Way to go, you're doing awesome!! :)


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