Programming Change

About five months ago, I spent some time exploring our utility bills in great details.  In particular, I was looking to reduce costs of our TV (Bell) bill.  At the time I wasn't able to find a better deal for the programming we were receiving, and we were splitting the bill 5 ways - which significanly reduced the individual expense.

Shaw has been trying to woo exisiting phone/internet customers to become tv customers as well.  Before now, it hasn't been worth it to switch.

I won't get into all the details of the negotiaion - but I will share with you the end result. 

For a total price of $35.60 this is what we will get:
  • Price guarantee for 12 months
  • Free rental of their HDPVR
    • PVR is a duel tuner with 160G hardrive
  • Includes Digital TV package
  • Includes 13 HD Basic channels
  • Includes 18 HD Plus channels
  • Includes HD Time Shifting
    •  East and West feeds of ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC HD channels in most markets 
The regular price for this package is $69.95 plus $19.95 for rental of the HDPVR.

The cost to cancel Bell's service early is $150, and our contract end date isn't until July.  I did call and let Bell know about Shaw's offer - I told them that if they could come up with a discount equal to or greater than $30/month ($150/months left in contract = $30); however they wern't able to be competitive with Shaw's pricing.

We currently pay $78.12 for Bell - the difference between that and Shaw is $42.52.  So, in the next 5 months we will save $212.60.  After the cancellation fee - we still save $62.60 (taxes included).

We're happy with the programming that Shaw will offer, and the savings is worth it!


  1. Sounds like Shaw is giving you a great deal!

    Are the savings still going to be worth it after the 1 year price guarantee is up? And is the price of the pVR always going to be free?

  2. After the one year, the price will be comparable with Bell. So I think that come this time next year... i'll be on the look-out for another good TV deal. Shaw will likely extend the pricing or do something else to keep people from bailing after 12 months.

  3. I am really surprised that Bell did not ante up. But cash is cash.

  4. Im really looking forward to the switch as Shaw is more user friendly :)
    I think overall after 12mnths itll still be cheaper to have all three services combined to have better savings.

  5. Jessie, You've got the right idea about what to do a year from now. I literally call Shaw every year and renegotiate some form of deal, they're always willing to work something out!


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