Joint Chequing Gets a Boost

Yesterday I wrote that we might help new roommate out by letting his spare friend stay here for a couple of months - well we met him tonight and we're a go.  The guy seems pretty decent, just down on his luck - girlfriend kicked him out.

We chatted for quite a while, then did a tour and talked about money.  We said that in the interest of being fair to new roommate and because we don't know either one of them - we would be willing to make the same arrangement.  $500/rent $500 deposit - up front and then 1/4 of utilities.  He said it was manageable - and it's only for two months.

but hey - that's an extra $1,000

now we could get silly and make plans for that money - but instead, we're being smart.  Jordan and i are going to leave the extra money in our joint chequing account as a joint emergency fund of sorts.  The next time a roommate leaves (and we don't expect it) - we won't have to worry.  The money will already be in place.

wow.  that wasn't even a goal.


  1. I think thats the best use for that money



  2. @ life & @ Jason

    thanks! I feel like it's a really good decision. It will have us both worrying less.

  3. I think that's a good plan - the extra money will be good, and it's only for a short while.

  4. Do we still have a bed for tonight?

  5. Of course! They are moving in on the first of March :)


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