Good-Bye Credit Card

In efforts to stick to the magic jars and pay off my credit card, while avoiding another epic jar fail, I've decided to actually cut up my credit card. This is a big deal for me.

My credit card is my crutch, it's my emergency fund, my I want it fund, it's my I didn't budget for enough groceries and I'm hungry fund. My credit card, is the only thing holding me back from being super happy with my finances.

I am not willing to let it and my constant use of it to control me, my finances, and my state of happy any more.

So, bye - bye credit card.

I actually cut it up on Friday so that I couldn't use it at all this weekend. I feel, well, I'd love to say that I feel good about it. At this point I'm sort of neutral. We'lll see if this helps stick to the plan.



  1. Mom leaving Shuswap9 August 2009 at 09:07

    That was a tough step, wasn't it? Good for you! You will win!

  2. Not having it hasn't really hit me yet, I'm sure it will right about the time I run out of cash....so, we'll just do our best not to do that.

  3. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!! This is going to help you tremendously!!!! :)

  4. Well done.. that's brave.. I'm not sure I could cut mine up... Not seen your blog before, but have added you to my reader - will be back!

  5. Woo Hoo. The feeling will get better. I know that I felt neutral after I cut up mine, too. You will learn to live without it. :)

  6. I don't think I'd be able to do that. Mostly because Linsday wont tell me where my cards are...


  7. Wow. That is really impressive. I still will never cut mine up. Hide them, bury them, freeze them, make them near inaccessible - but never cut it up. That lingering fear in the back of my mind of "What if I am in a HUGE emergency?" still haunts me to the point where I can't do it.


  8. @ SS4BC

    One of the reasons I was confident in doing this is because Jordan and I have nearly $4000 in our house fund. We put $650/month towards it, so it's growing very quickly.

    IF I lose my job (which I probably won't) before my credit card is paid of and my e-fund is built back up, he's comfortable using the house fund to get us through.

    I wouldn't want to use it, but it gives me that cash back up I needed to make it possible to cut it up.

  9. Good job, lady! That's a hard step, but I'm sure it will be helpful.


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