New Couch & Last Purchase

Within the last month I paid off my credit card, got notice of a raise, we got informed that three of our roommates would be moving out, and we have yet to renew our lease with our landlord.  All of this brought us to the point where we realized we would have to do some investing in our home and our space.  Some of this has been with money from our house fund and some of this has been will elbow grease.

The final purchase we will be making this weekend is a couch.  I wrote a bit about one we liked from leons a while back that was a cream/white colour for $499, on sale.  We found out that the manufacture was actually based out of our city! With this in mind we found a few other retailers of the couch we wanted to find the best price we could.

We found the same couch in a different colour at Home Furniture.  However it was priced at $650...through some crafty negotiations - they are going to meet the Leon's price and we'll get the couch in this beautiful micro-fiber dark chocolate brown!  Jordan can rent a U-Hual for about $25 so we don't need to pay the $100 they wanted for delivery.

This is what the couch looks like:

This is the colour it will be:

It will take 4-5 weeks for the couch to arrive because it will be a custom order.  This is perfect timing for us as it will give us time to work on selling the couches and furniture we no longer want/use.  They want 50% of the price now and then 50% once it arrives at their showroom.  We are comfortable with this as well as it gives us a little time to pay back the house fund early if we can and have cash on hand for the rest of the couch.


  1. Wow ... you guys really do your homework, I'm impressed!

  2. I like the couch! It looks so comfy!

  3. Hehehe... I'm sitting on that very couch right now!

    Because it is the same couch that Mr. Cousin has!

  4. *drools over new couch* It look's so dreamy! Is it wrong for me to feel that way about a couch?

  5. Sure you did your homework? but that $525 would have been better used for your debt.

  6. @ me - it's sooo comfy!!

    @ SS4BC - that's awesome!!

    @ serendipity - Love that your loving it!

    @ Anon - Slight correction, it would habe been $262.50 towards debt b/c jordan and I are splitting all of the costs for each purchase we've made this past week.

  7. good choice! paying off debt is always not the right choice...we've got to live as well! (a little anyways :P)


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