To CHRP or not to CHRP?

There are a great number of professions that have 'designations'.  A few letters to put at the end of your name to signify that you may know something that others of your ilk don't.  Well, as someone in the field of Human Resources it would be a great advantage to receive my CHRP designation (description below).

The Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation is a nationally recognized level of achievement within the field of human resources. It reflects a conviction that the professional practice of human resources management can safeguard the interests of employers, employees and the business community. The designation represents continuing recognition of the bearer's professionalism.

If I receive my CHRP designation it not only increases my professional standing with my company, it also increases my marketability.

So, what are the costs?
  1. I must be a member of the Human Resources Institute of Alberta which costs $100*/annually and requires a $100* application fee just to go through the process to become certified.  Once I am certified, the annual fee increases to $200/annually
  2. There is an optional National Knowledge Exam workshop (the first test I need to complete to get my CHRP), which prepares you for the exam, that costs $350*
  3. I then have to register an pass the National Knowledge Exam (NKE). The cost of the exam is $250*
  4. Once I have passed the NKE I have up to five years to pass the National Professional Practice Assessment (NPPA) The cost of the NPPA is $500*

Once certified, I have to re-certify every three years, which costs $50*

*all of these costs would have GST added on top.

Now, for the good part...

My employer is currently offering the opportunity to apply for a continued learning award.... so I could potentially get the whole thing paid for.  After certification, I would have to pay the annual fees myself, but I think I'll give it ago (the application that is).  What's the worst that will happen, they'll say no?


  1. I would totally go for it! You increase your marketability not only to others, but to your own employer as well. It is one of those things that you can use to get out of the 3% trap.

  2. I love that kind of thinking. "Whats the worse they can say, no?" I think if more people, including myself, implied this type of thinking they would get further in life. :) Good luck.

  3. You can do it!

    I'm due to step up and ask my boss to take me on full time and give me more responsibilities once I graduate, so I'm a bit nervous about that - we're kind of in the same boat :)

  4. CHRP is a great designation to get, then you realize that it is a bit of a money grab. 5 years furhter into your carrer and you will revisit the CHRP debate... but less excited about it.

    All in all, essential to get your carrer started.

  5. Thanks for the feedback Anon!

  6. A bit late to leave a message on this but hopefully you see it. I have my CHRP and I was in the same boat. My employer paid for it so I figured why not? It hasn't hurt me in any way to have it but so far it hasn't really helped either. See if you can convince your employer to pay for the annual membership as well.

    Oh, it's also much easier to pass the tests the more recent of a grad you are.

    I say go for it.

  7. @ Financial - Thanks so much for the feedback! I've applied for the 'grant' through work and should hear back by the middle of November sometime if it's approved.

    I won't be able to get the annual membership paid for once I get the CHRP, but I'm hoping they'll pay for the first year and all the upfront costs.

  8. At the very least keep your receipt because all professional memberships are tax deductable so at least you get some money back. If you work in the private sector CHRP will help because they often say "CHRP would be an asset". It makes some companies feel more comfortable about hiring you.

  9. If you are figuring out costs you should also consider the prep materials. I am the process of studying for the NPPA (which is how I found your blog!) and the material can add up. For the NKE I paid $200 for a study guide and $189 for an online course. Now that I am working through the NPPA part I paid $200 for the study guide and $200 for an online course. You will need to purchase the material. I would do it though!

  10. where can I buy or download NKE prep exam study questions? Please let me know and does it prepare you well for the exam? thanks

  11. is there a website where you can purchase used material for study guide? how does online course helps you vs study guide? I am planning to do my NKE. any information will be appreciated.

  12. hey,I just came from India and did MBA(HR) there. Now, I am starting to prepare for NKE. Can u tell me where I find the appropriate study guides and books for preparation?


  13. hey,I just came from India and did MBA(HR) there. Now, I am starting to prepare for NKE. Can u tell me where I find the appropriate study guides and books for preparation?


    1. Each province has a governing HR body. If you're in Alberta, for example, you would want to connect with the HRIA and they'll help you get set up.


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