Back to work

I'm sure that some of you know, the province of Alberta just enjoyed a lovely long weekend.  Monday was a statutory holday for us: Family Day.

We had a pretty fantastic weekend.  I got the pleasure of taking my dad to the Flames vs Ducks game on Saturday night - where we won 3 to 1.   It was his first NHL game EVER - and it was pretty cool to watch him/be with him during his first experience. Though unfortunatly, I slipped on the stadium steps, caught myself with my open palm and have messed up something in my hand where my thumb contects to my hand.


Sunday we spent lazing about the house - played a lot of world of wardcraft and ejoyed naps on the couch.  Pretty much lived liked sloths.

Monday we got some running around done we needed.  We cleaned the house from Sunday, did some grocery shopping, exhanged a faulty wireless router we recently bought, and visited my Great Aunt - who turned 80 yesterday.  She was born in 1930.


Short but sweet this morning - hopefully I'll have something PF related to say tommorrow.


  1. Ouch!!

    I wish BC got a family day holiday! ;)

  2. Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun last weekend (Well, who wouldn't want to have a long weekend :)).


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