I hate my credit card...

Well, I don't - it has saved my butt a couple of times. I am working towards not needing it to save my butt, however; there has been a few times where it was use my credit card or not eat, or not get to work... ect.

anyways... I now owe $2552

the breakdown goes something like this:

Current Owing $2082 (including recent car repairs)
Unidentified Owing $ 54 (can't remember what this is for, and it hasn't been posted to my account yet)
Un-billed $416 (i mailed in what was owing for two parking tickets and a failure to display my car registration ticket)

....so sad.

Okay - enough mopeing - more planning.

I set up an automatic withdrawl for $250/bi weekly for 10 payments.
Also, I'm giving my credit card to J to remove the instant temptation of using it.

Lets see if my plan works this time.


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