Monthly Spend (January 2019)

Here is the full monthly spend for January...

The budget for what I refer to as our day-to-day expenses is $400/week - I was trying to get this down to $300/week for the month of January but pretty much failed at that.  There are five weeks in January though, and so our average came in at $398 - so not perfect, but I'm happy that we didn't go over the normal budget.

The items not highlighted in grey have budgets of their own - we save monthly for things like vehicle/home maintenance, baby stuff, insurance, the renovation etc. 

So it looks like a lot  - but really we're pretty much on target. 



EI Approved

My Maternity Leave officially started on January 21st and I'm so pleased to see that my employer issued by ROE quickly and my EI claim has already been approved!  I was planning on having to wait at least until beginning of March due to previous experiences with Employment Insurance - but this is going very quickly!

Once I get my first payment (I'm thinking Feb 8th likely), I'll submit that to work and my 70% top-up for 15 weeks will start which is a benefit that my employer pays for.

Everything is coming together....just waiting for this baby to arrive.


Weekly Spend - January (week 4)

There are five spending weeks in January but this takes us up to Thursday of the fourth.  It's cumulative from the post I did a couple weeks back rather than each weeks spending re-cap.

In the last two weeks, we spent:

  • $25 more in gas
  • $440 more in groceries
  • $288 more in eating out
  • $25 in alcohol
  • $260 in Vehicle Maintenance
  • $2,200 in Home Maintenance
No change/spending in:
  • Medical
  • Clothes/Shoes/Hair
  • Banking
  • Car Insurance

The eating out thing genuinely surprises me...but I can see it's a few times out as a family and a few times Jordan eating out for lunch.  So we'll need to keep an eye on this.

The other obvious big ones are Vehicle Maintenance which were the replacement parts for my windshield washer that Jordan is installing and the $2,200 in Home Maintenance which is a new washer and dryer that was on sale and is for our basement renovation.  I'm thinking I might actually create a basement reno category to keep day-to-day maintenance items and the renovation separate.

Is your spending on track this January?



Who doesn't like pictures of renovations? Yes? No?

The majority of the demolition of our basement which was previously poorly finished was completed before the snow was flying.  Now that we have all of our final financing in place we were able to continue with some of the more...destructive demolition.

The first step is to prep for an interior weeping tile system.  We realized we were getting a bit of water wicking into the basement.  For a variety of reasons, we decided with our contractor that this system would be the most effective for our home.

So - to save on some costs, Jordan did the initial work to cut away the concrete and jackhammer where the system will go.  The two days of labor probably saved us at least $1,000...maybe more.  Next steps are to haul the concrete out, install the system, cover it back up with gravel & then pour fresh concrete.

So excited!

Also - so grateful for my mom.  We've stayed at her place for the last two days because of the noise, dust and exhaust. 


The Results are In

Our home appraisal results are in!

After the quoted renovations are completed, market value is estimated to be $425,000 - which is pretty much where we needed to be to get the full budget from the quote out of the equity in our home.  We still very much intend on doing some of the work where we can and putting in sweat equity where it makes sense too - but this is great, great news!


Weekly Spend - January (week 2)

Two weeks into January and I wanted to post my first spend report of 2019.  I think it'll be easier to stay on top of it if I do every week or two instead of just once a month - at least at first until I'm back in the swing of things.

Not including the Car Insurance renewal for one of our vehicles we spent $772 in the first two weeks. 

Not too shabby - and would have been on target except that for months of Jan/Feb I reduced our weekly spend budget to $300 from $350 - so we overspent by $150 if I ignore the reimbursable line (which have already been reimbursed).

Another nearly $50 is in banking - this is highly unusual for us - somehow in my effort to get one of our credit cards paid to $0 I missed the window to avoid interest on another.  Oops!!  It's very annoying.  It's been years and years since I paid any interested on a credit card.  Not going to beat myself up though, just going to move on and get it taken care of.

The personal care item was a pedicure - a treat for myself before Little Miss arrives - so no regrets there.

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