Paint, paint, paint

We're doing so much painting!

 You know, after all the scrape, scrape, scraping. We're using General Paint primarily for our paint and paint supplies, with a few specialty items from Benjamin Moore from time to time. We decided to go with a blue/grey theme in our bathroom and the main part of the house is a pretty pale yellow colour called aeroroot. The blue we chose is called paleness.

So far, we've spent just under $700 on primer, drywall sealer, paint, brushes, rollers etc. So much paint.

This has been for our kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, master bedroom, Little Man's bedroom and we have not yet done our guest bedroom.  So their may be another $50 or so depending on how far the last bits go.


Cabinets are in

 Thanks to everyone who weight in on my cabinet handles request for help a few weeks back.  We decided to go with the handle pictured here.  WE LOVE IT!  It looks so good!  It's sold, you can get your whole hand around it, and it's 8 inches long - so it doesn't fade away on our tall cabinets.

The handles totaled just over $215 - I had planned on about $300, so was pleased that they came in under.

Here's a shot of the cabinets going in!

We're so pleased with how everything is coming together.

The cabinets, pantry and handles total came to just over $7,100.

We did decide to go with IKEA for the bathroom - things didn't need to fit quite so perfectly in that space...but that's a post for another day.



Duraceramic - Tile not Tile

Duraceramic is a vinyl tile product that is super durable, and looks like tile when it's finished.  It's not as cold, or hard as a a traditional tile either.

We are super happy with how this turned out.  It looks great, feels great, and not a single scratch from dog paws!

Here's a shot of the floors installed...well mostly it's a picture of Little Man putting crumpled up packing newspaper in the cupboard, but you can see, it looks good!


Shower Tile

Love, love this tile!

We were inspired by some pinterest boards that had the tile running vertically instead of horizontally.  We knew we wanted a shampoo cubby, but my cousin who works at the local flooring shop upsold us on the double box.  He said that one is good for one person, two is better for two people. The cost difference was about $50, so completely worth it.

Tiling the shower cost $2,200.  Shower inserts that we looked at seemed to run about $1,000 or so locally, so while it was quite a bit of an upgrade, we thought that for only bathroom on the main floor - the master bath, the guest bath, and the kids bathroom...we wanted it to really shine.  This is both for us, because we enjoy it, and for resale ability.



Sweet Heat

We debated quite a bit about in-floor heating.  Well, it was more of an internal debate.  Jordan really wanted it, and I had to decide if I did before deciding if it was a debate.  Adding in floor heat, added about $1,000 to the flooring bill.  That's for both the installers, and the electrician to hook everything up.

It comes with a programmable thermostat so we can decided and manage when to heat and when to not so we're not paying to heat a floor that no one is benefiting from.


Wallpaper, it hides many a sin.

If you're ever doing renovations, please, please do not put wall paper on unprimed drywall.  It's just not kind, and primer is cheap. This wallpaper is everywhere in this house.  EVERYWHERE.  We knew it when we bought it, but didn't really think about the work involved in getting rid of it.  To top it off, the paper is filled with little wood chips AND has been painted.  We've gone through three wallpaper scorers, have used heat guns, steamers and paint scrapers to get this crap gone.

The best method we have found, when dealing with the un-primed walls underneath, is to separate the wallpaper and peel off the top layer first.  Then, saturate the wall with water/vinegar in a sprayer, then scrape of gently with a wide paint scraper.

The wall scorer works very well when their is paint or primer underneath - otherwise, it doesn't do enough to saturate the glue holding the paper down onto the wall.


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