Oil & Gas Makes the World Go Round

We all know (unless you live under a rock) that oil prices have been dropping steadily over the last while.  Unfortunately for me, living in Alberta, our provincial income is heavily reliant on it...not to mention my employer.  So oil prices hanging out around $55/barrel is not very good....we like to see it at $80+.

So...not good for work, not good for the province.

But it is good when I'm fueling up the car to go to work (thought if it keeps up much longer, I might not have work to go to).

These photo's were taken just this morning!

Gas prices have dipped to 80.9 at Costco where I live.  There are some Shell's and other fueling stations that still are at 89.9; but by and large everyone is below 90 cents now.

I'm going to take this as a blessing leading up to Christmas, but am also going to cross my fingers for OPEC to stop messing around.

Networth Update

Just $600 shy of $120K, our net worth continues to climb.

Total debts, including mortgage, have been reduced to $365K and change and total assets have risen to about $485K.

The Escape has been paid off!  Completely! I'm so very happy to be going into 2015 with one less payment, and just as happy to be able to funnel that money towards the LOC.

Fun & Sensible

A little while ago my mom sold some property and decided she wanted to give my brother and I a financial gift for something fun and sensible.  Giving money with strings can be tricky, but these are totally strings that I appreciate and value.

Jordan and I have made some progress on deciding what we're going to do.

  • Drive out to visit Jordan's family in Vancouver (if he gets the time off) (~$350 for gas/road food)
  • Buy Gym Memberships through Jordan's corporate discounted rate ($850)
  • Pay for our Wills/POAs/Personal Directives ($735)
  • Pay off the Escape ($2,700)
  • Baby Fund ($1,000) - bringing the balance up to $5,000
  • Summer Camping with Mom ($700)
A big thank you to my mom for helping Jordan and I achieve some of our big 2014 goals!  

Thank you so much, you're gift really means a lot to us.

Bottling Day!


 Last night was bottling day for my Reisling I bought from Costco a month or so ago.

Just wanted to share!

October Monthly Spend Summary

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!  We had 104 kids this year!!  Probably $100 or so of this months 'groceries' was Halloween candy.

Some categories were a bit higher, some a bit lower than the average.  As is typical when we spend less on eating out; we spent more on groceries - but consumption stays about the same.  We did have a couple of road trips (as we usually do in a month); which contributed to the eating out that we did do.

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