Joint Chequing - Followup

So, Jordan and decided it was totally worth the effort; and have been working at switching over all of our accounts to a joint savings account over the last little while.  We actually started before the post about considering it went up!

We have 13 different companies that interact with our work horse account; not including all of the transactions for auto savings within Tangerine.

p.s.  If you haven't signed up for Tangerine now, it's a really good time to do it.  Tangerine is currently doubling their referral bonus from $25, to $50 if you open accounting using within a minimum of $250 using this code before July 31st - we both get the free money!

All you have to do is click the link below, and enter my Orange Key when signing up: 17396382S1.

Making a Will

We haven't finished Level 4 yet, because we're still taking our home inventory; but I didn't want to lose momentum (either in writing or in the My Money, My Choices process); so I'm going to start working through Level 5.

Activity 1, is to make a will.

Oi!  I knew this was coming, but I'm not sure I was ready for it just yet.

Activity 2 is to name a financial power of attorney, and Activity 3 is to name a personal care power of attorney.

I guess we need a laywer.

Taxes! Do Them!

It boggles my mind how many people don't keep their taxes up to date; especially when they have super standard; nothing to write home about taxes to complete.  We're talking a T4, maybe 2 and an RRSP or school deduction.  Seriously.  It's not hard.

It just so happens that the last two activities in Level 4 of My Money, My Choices to get this years tax return done and catch up on any previous years.  Jordan and I are all caught up; but I can't say it's always been that way.

When I met Jordan, we were 19 I think, and he had several years of taxes to 4 or 5.  So, I sat down on his living room floor (tax software wasn't as popular then); and did them all.  I think payment was my choice of movie and he had to cook me dinner.  Though once he got his cheque in; he took me out.

I was floored that he hadn't done them, and really wasn't worried about it; this of course comes from your influences growing up.  Now, I can't say that Jordan gets excited as I do, but he's happy for me to get them done, and happy to get those tax returns every year.  I don't submit them by hand any more, typically I use TurboTax because I have three returns to do (mine, Jordans, and my grandmothers) and my mom and I often share the license for hers too, but I still usually do a practice run pen/paper style just to make sure everything lines up correctly.

July 1st Networth Update

guh!, I was going to tell you how Jordan and I broke through the $100,000 Networth barrier!  Wow!

but...we didn't.

Our networth actually went down.

So what happened?
  • Our Tangerine Funds went down slightly
  • My Sunlife Funds went down slightly
  • We spent more money then we had
  • We haven't been reimbursed for Jordan's new teeth yet (over $2,100)

That'll teach me for getting excited before it actually happens.

But, some good news!  We now owe less than $10,000 on the Escape...and that's still pretty awesome.

Happy Birthday Canada

Happy Birthday Canada!

I hope everyone is off enjoying the rights and responsibilities we have as Canadian's.

This was just one of the last birthday photo's I took - that's my husband's shirt.

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