New Roommate!

Great News!

We have a new roomate. Her name is Samanatha! She is a 25 year old art/design student at the same school that Lindsay goes to.

This means that the four of us will now be paying $250/month each instead of $375/month each. That's a serious savings of $125/month each!! It will also save us about $20 - $25 a month each in utilities. So yea!

This is perfect, perfect timing - with moving my horse to Calgary, this will just about pay for it. So yay!

I really didn't want another roomate - I was really enjoying living with just the three other. I figured the extra $$ would be nice, but it's not the end of the world. Since I learned that I would have to move my horse to Calgary, I realized that I really am going to need the extra funds - so no matter how much i like my space (and everyone here is sacrificing, we all lke our space), it's going to be worth it.

The girl seems pretty nice too - chatty, friendly. She's a student so come september, she'll pretty much be a hermit (her words) -because of the type of education she's getting and how much time she'll have to spend on the computer.

So yea! Everyone else (Nelson, Jordan & Lindsay) will have some extra cash in their pockets, and i'll pretty much break even. I think that'll be pretty nice all around.


  1. Awesome news! 250 is ridiculously cheap - make the most of what you're saving on rent :)

  2. I'm so glad! Now you can keep up with your other plans. I hope you had a frank discussion about expectations.

  3. @ mom -
    We were pretty clear about things, after she had a look around the house we told her that we expect it to stay as clean as it is now, we talked a little about what we share and what we don't, about how laundry works, how utilities and bills work (that I expect cheques for rent, and bills are posted by the 5th and I want cheques for that by the 7th)...hmm what else did we talk about -

    we said we can make room for her downstairs if she needs space for storage, but we don't have a tonne of room - she was happy with that b/c she can leave some things at her parents..

    umm.. she likes to bake.

    told her about damage deposit - which she was good with (i'll be opening another account for that).... ummm...I think that's pretty much everything... Lindsay mentioned that we generally share the kitchen and have to be respectful of space - and she seemed okay with that too....

    She's 25 and has lived with a few different people - so hopefully it's all good.

  4. @eemusings - your right, it's super cheap! It's good b/c I have a lot of big goals and now with my horse moving to Calgary some unexpected expenses coming my way that I have to plan for.... it's great timing!

  5. Awesome!! The lowered rent & bills will sure help you!


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