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so I just received my policy renewal information for my auto insurance.  It's going to go down by a whole $5.28...that's a whopping $63.36 for the year.  My new premium will be broken down into payments of $150.28.  I called a couple of insurance brokers, and unfortunately - my current one - is the cheapest I can find.

Hopefully next year I'll see a bigger change.


  1. Are there any discounts you can find? I know I get some money off of my rate because of the college I went to. That's why I use Geico (which I've been very happy with), don't know if they are in Canada though.

  2. In SK you're so much more limited. Basic plates for me were $950/year. Additional package policy is going to be around $370 for my new vehicle. OUCH

  3. I have a couple of claims...okay I have three! In the last three years, so basically I suck as a risk to insurance companies. This last year was my first year in a while that I haven't been in an accident...so my insurance premiums will be high for a couple of more years... there's just no way around it.

    I was pleased with the $5 off each month, though it would have been nice to have a bigger difference.

  4. I would have thought there would be a bigger savings, but at least it wasn't an increase!


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