Magic Jars Update

I didn't post my bi-weekly budget last pay period because I had all sorts of financial stanfu's happen, culminating with my roomate paying rent four days late.  I am still using the jars and have about $40 left until next Friday. 

I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not yet but Jordan decided to use the food jar with me.  This will be his second pay period using a joint food jar with me.  He put $100 towards groceries this past Thursday.  I so love that he's on board with this!  We had talked about it last month and at first he was hesitant but I asked him to think about it - and he decided to go for it. 

I *think* that he likes knowing that he puts his $100 in, and so do I, and that's it.  Like a bill we created for ourselves.

I feel like thinks are really coming together on this front.  Although I am slightly panicky about what to do with my money now that the credit card is paid off.  I set my goals, and will work towards them - but for some reason I feel uneasy about it.


  1. Having him on board is a great start.

  2. I bet that you find food spending really evens out with you both using one jar. And you will get used to having money to allocate to different priorities, and the panic will fade. Now, you can remind yourself that instead of paying in the "now" for past pleasures, you are saving now for future goals and dreams.

  3. That is interesting that you feel panicky about it - I hope that feeling goes away soon. You're doing great Jessie, and you should feel confident about that!


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