Jordan and I fell in love with a couch on Wednesday night.  It's comfortable, priced perfectly, and has a great warranty!

For the couch, loveseat and chair - the price was $1299!  That includes set up and delivery in home as well as a lifetime warranty on the frame and springs.  The foam in the cusion's are 7 inches thick and the material is 5 inches think so as the foam shrinks a bit naturally, the fabric is still taught over them!  How cool is that!

Yeah! Couches!

We have this rediculously old and ugly used blue couches.... they are rejects.  But they were free!
Do you see... that second char, it looks like it's chewing on something....

It's hard to decide if it's worth it to buy new furniture when we are renting a place with 3 other people....plus $1300 (okay more like $1500 after taxes and this special cleaner protection stuff they sell you) would be a big chunk of change ripped out of our house fund....


  1. We did not buy decent furniture until you kids were grown. I had to nag enough without worrying about "not on the furniture". Also, we had dogs who ate couches. I would wait to buy new until you are in your own space. With 5 people, whatever you buy will be toast in 2 years.

  2. ^ I agree. I would wait also, until you have your own place.

  3. I agree with your mom, till you're on your own with just you and Jordan, I would forgo getting the couches. I just used some hand-me-downs until I got into a place of my own. You don't want to worry about one of your roommates spilling something on your $1500 couch - cause with 5 people - it WILL happen.

  4. I live here and even I think you should wait until you get your own place. I also don't recommend getting cream coloured covers because of stain possibilities and inevitable grumpiness which will result. Honestly, Danielle's basement couch is pretty comfy and already has a navy blue cover, we could do a switcheroo and make some new cushions (I have some pillowforms waiting for us to want them at my mom's house!)


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