Moving...or not?

So Jordan and I have been doing a tonnne of talking about the whole moving thing, and now we're thinking that we might as well just stay where we are...We figure we'll be going from three roommates to one roommate and that might make a big enough difference.  Our rent will go up to $500/month each and of course utilities will go up some as well, but it's probably only going to be $100-$200/month more then if we found somewhere else.  Plus, this has been my home for three years and I have sooo much stuff (that I want to keep)....

All that said, we're not giving up on what we want... I wrote this e-mail to my landlord tonight:

Good Evening LandLords Name,

Jordan and I have spent the last few days seriously thinking about the implications of moving, and we would like to recind our notice. Given that this is prior to October 1, 2009 I am confident this shouldn't be a problem.

Roommate One and Roommate two will still be leaving on November 1, 2009 and as such Roommate One should be removed as a tenent listed on the lease.

When we negotiate the new terms of the lease, I would like to have Jordan Last Name (my boyfriend) as the secondary lease holder. He has been employeed full time with Company X for the last 12 months, and can provide proof of this if you would like it.

I am wondering if you would consider two points.

One, with the market such that it is - being flooded with new properties - would you be willing to consider a rent decrease? I think that $1,300/month would be reasonable given our history and the market. The second thing I hope you will consider is the 'no pets' rule. One of the biggest reasons Jordan and I were contemplating moving was that we have been in desperate need for a dog as a companion. Given that I have been a consistant tenant for the last three years, I was hoping you would re-consider this point.

Thank you, we hope you have a wonderful evening.
Jessie & Jordan
We figure, what's the worst she can do - say no?  At lease we will have tried... and if it doesn't work out, then we'll consider moving in six months or so, but we would like to give this a good effort...I'm already thinking how nice it will be to turn the spare room into an office/proper spare room :D


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