A few updates

So, we are holding our breath with the landlord/living/moving situation until the middle of next month when they are back in Canada.  Hopefully we can come to some sort of resolution.  It would be nice not to have to move, but in the end if that is what makes the most sense - it's what we'll do.

On a postive note, Jordan and I had an unexpected $200 fall into our financial situation this past week so we were able to stock up on some groceries.  That was a very nice treat!  We now have several months worth of protein staples and canned goods!  We bought tonnes of meat (pork chops, sausage, steak, roasts, chicken breast, ground beef) and packaged it all up in two person portions in the freezer. 

Another awesome thing!  Is that sunday was my credit card's period end date or what ever it's called.  So my next bill she have a zero dollar balance!  woo hoo!


  1. That helps make up for the extra $75 into RRsp's. Not a Fail at all.

  2. I love bulk shopping like that when I can afford it. It feels very 'little house on the prairie' that I know I have a lot to choose from in the pantry and freezer for awhile to come. Kudos on the prepacking into twos. It takes awhile but boy is it convenient.

  3. Wow, nice use to the windfall! =D

    I'm now jealous of your meat filled freezer. I've only got about 6 frozen chicken breasts and 3 pounds of ground beef in mine. Would sure love the steak and pork chops. Also - SMART move storing it in 2-person servings. That is the main mistake I made with my ground beef. I have no need at all for 3 pounds of ground beef at one time - and once I thaw it I have to use it - so it has been sitting in the freezer for like 3 months now.

  4. I always separate the meat into smaller portions. Especially with the boneless/skinless chicken breasts, I trim them all at once and prepackage for the freezer. Then, when I defrost them, they're completely ready for cooking.

  5. That zero dollar balance will probably bring a huge smile to your face!! What a great feeling :)

    Great use of that $200! It's always nice to have food on hand ;)


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