So I had a pretty stressful day, if anyone follows me on twitter you know I thought I was going to be laid off for the first half of the day.  Turns out, I'm not!  I'm actually getting a raise which is pretty sweet!  I don't know all the details yet, but once I do I'll defn. be sharing.  I was late getting home, lost my keys, got lost in a horse store... blah!  We did some running around for my aunt and I didn't get to my horse before it got dark (it's getting dark at 7:30pm now!!)... so that also kind of soured me. 

But then...!

We checked on our garden at my aunt's place, and I dug up some potatoes.

digging potatoes is this untapped source of stress releif.  It brings me right back to my childhood and the best memories I have of my nanny (my dad's mom)...here are some great harvesting pictures!  There will be more later this week when we pick/pull/dig everything else.

potaotes!! check out the one on the bottom left... it's huge... !! it'll feed three people at least!  My best friend is going to send me her recipe for potatoe and bacon soup!

Cabbage!! we actually have two so far.  We're going to try to make cabbage roles?!

Our pumpkin!!! We have another one growing that's still a bit green.  I'm going to attempt to make a pie out of it.  It would be shame to just carve it for halloween.

yumm! the first three tomoates!  The green one fell off by accident, but it will ripen on it's own inside.


  1. Congrats on both the raise and the fall harvest!! What a nice surprise to find out that it was a raise and not a lay-off headed in your direction! I imagine this will help you meet more of your goals before year-end!

    Those potatoes look fantastic and the pumpkin looks just the right size for a pie. I hope that one turns out for you.

  2. Glad it's a raise and not a layoff. Love the veggies -- I really want to start a garden in our yard next year.


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