Saving Money

I've decided to cancel my ancestry.ca subscription.  This was the last online subscription I was holding on to.  It was $11.95/month.  I haven't done any research for a couple of months and figure that when I'm ready to re-focus on it, then I can look at subscription fees again.


  1. Good idea - it will cancel out the WOW

  2. Canceling subscriptions you're not using = excellent idea. But did your mom just call you out on playing World of Warcraft? ;)

  3. ^ I'm with RainyDay. Are you a WOW'er???

  4. haha - thanks mom, but you don't know how I've been playing for my play time...
    ...I'm a WOW'er, but I cancelled the online subscription payment method many months ago. If I want to play now, I'm buying the subscription cards in EB Games, with cash, from my entertainment jar. It costs more that way, but it's not on my card.


    Thanks for keeping me honnest and accountable!

  5. lmao..... wow'er... is that a thing? Am i a wow'er now too???? o man

    I think its great that you prioritizing which you want to keep as your play time and everything else :)


  6. I don't know if this is even in the same subtext but I'm a Simer. I can literally play the Sims all day every day. :)

  7. Hahahaha I love that your mom totally called you out. I'm very jealous right now. =)

  8. @ Jordan - yes, you are now a wow'er... haha only took me a year and a half to get you there!

    @ Serendipity... I love it! When the internet goes down, I'm often playing Sims 3. Jordan got it for me for my birthday!

    @ SS4BC - haha, yeah, she probably think's she's pretty funny (love you mom!)


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