Negotiations with the Landlord Continue...

I just got off of the phone with the landlord's husband, and we agreed that I would drop off a cheque for October's rent of $1,500 sometime after work today.  Apparently they live about five minutes away from where we are.  I told him this would be find and a 'good faith' gesture as we don't have a signed lease.  He agreed that we would 'pretend' that October was a month-to-month scenario until we have the opportunity to sit down and chat next month.

Jordan and I are going to go check out a 'back up' place this weekend, just in case things don't work out - but I am getting the feeling that they will.


  1. Few things are worse than negotiating with landlords. I have my fingers crossed for you. Remember to check out the landlord/tenant law in Alberta so you know your rights re: pets, insurance, rent increases, etc.

  2. I hope things work out for you!!

    It sounds annoying that the wife says one thing about the rent cheque and the husband says another!


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