Negotiations with the Landlord

Yesterday I told you when we wrote in our e-mail to the Landlord.  This was her reply"

Thank you for your email.  No problem on the notice.  I had just passed the email to my husband last night and we can simply toss it.
I am sorry but I will not change my view on the pet situation.  All of my units have a “no animal rule” which also now extends to pet fish.  If we discuss a pet further, it will not result in a rental decrease but rather an increase due to wear and tear.
I will consider a rental change.  Will it only be two of you in the unit?  That will impact my decision because the more people living in the unit, the more wear and tear the unit takes.  Please confirm that for me.
Are you freaking kidding me?!  She has seen our three fish tanks at least twice (and the first tank at least 4 or 5 times) and has never said anything.  I've lived in that place for three years and it's never been a problem. Grr.... so, this is what we wrote back:

As you are aware of the fish tanks that we already have in this unit, I don't think it is reasonable for you to include them as part of the new lease agreement at this time. If you were to enforce this, it will un-necessarily force us to find other living arrangements. We would prefer to keep the good rapport that we, as tenants, and you, as our landlord, have had over the last three years.
 There will just be Jordan, myself and Roommate Name in the unit.  We are no longer interested in a house full of roommates. 
We'll just have to wait and see what she says back...


  1. Wow and wow.

    I hope they are not interested in losing what sounds like good tenants!! If they know anything about being a landlord, good tenants are hard to find!

    Good luck - I am interested in seeing what they respond back with! Hmmm!

  2. Was just about to post to the earlier post wishing you luck.. but you'd posted again.. Good news that they are considering a reduction, but pants on the pet situation...

  3. I've never seen a landlord have a problem with pet fish... wow. I think she's being unreasonable, especially since she already knew you had the tanks.

  4. Thanks for the support!!

    I think she's going to try to use the fish tank thing to avoid decreasing the rent....we'll see how the negotiations go and I'll keep everyone up to date.

    Someone at work suggested I show her my tenants insurance so she knows if any damage is done by the tanks her property is protected. So that could be my next tactic.

  5. Best of luck with your negotiations. I find it interesting now that she knows people have fish that they are extending the No pets to include them - even after you had already moved in and been there three years.

    I'd like to see how this pans out with the fish and your reduction. Giving her a copy of the tenant's insurance is sure to help ease her mind - perhaps even have her implement the rule that it is mandatory as part of the lease agreement from now on. I'm pretty sure though that changing the rule son the fish after move-in is against the landlord and tenant acts. Though I'm not totally sure on this. Perhaps that something to look at also.

    Having just moved into a place myself, tenant insurance was part of the lease agreement, in that we had to have a minimum of a letter with the policy number, but a copy was requested as a condition of move in. Show up without it on move in day and you unit is back on the market. It was good that they were concerned for us having it, but also interesting to ask for it.

  6. The fish is a unreasonable, but I do respect the "no pets" (even though I too would love a dog!). Many places I looked at had a special pet deposit and "pet rent".

    I hope they reduce the rent -- it certainly seems fair given both the economy and fewer roommates.

  7. I agree, never heard of not allowing fish as pets. I just saw the comments you left:) and thanks, thanks for pointing out my use of language... perhaps I am trying to "reason" a lot of stuff/purchases...

    time to re-evaluate!:)

  8. Fish = pets = wear and tear?

    That's ridiculous.

  9. Hopefully she doesn't start charging you pet rent for the fish. I hate that I have to pay both a pet deposit PLUS pet rent - but if I were to have another person live here they wouldn't have to pay either. I understand one or the other but not both. (/self rant)

    Anyway, good luck with the negotiations. Sounds to me like she wants to get rid of you guys - which is just dumb.

  10. Crazy, I lived in many no-pet apartments with a small fish tank, no one ever said a thing. I hope it all works out cause they are being ridiculous.


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