I'm Moving

My household has been in a bit of a tumultuous state and there's going to be some major changes.  My brother and his girlfriend have found a place and our moving out on November 1st.  Jordan and I are going to try to be out by November 1st or December 1st - depending on how things shake down.

Unfortunately for our new roommate she may h ave to move as well.  I'm waiting to hear back from our landlord, however if she want's to she could keep the place, sign a new lease and find new roommates.

It will be hard because I've made this place my home for the last three years; however, I am just so tired of living like a student.  I've had roommates in one form or another since I moved out of my parents place 6 or 7 years ago - it's time for Jordan and I to be on our own.

It's pretty exciting and I'm a little nervous too with all of the changes.  Nobody likes moving, so it will likely be a little stressful - especially if we all try to move at the same time (hence why we might wait until December).

Once we find a place I'll do up new budgets and post them.  In the meantime Jordan and I have put a hold on our house fund b/c our rent will most certainly be going to go up some.  We are going to try to sell a lot of our stuff, so hopefully the move will go easier... (again why it might make more scents to wait until December).

Jordan's getting his review this week (it should actually be today) and I'm going to talk to my boss as well this week because I've been with my company for one year now (officially Oct 6)...so that will also help us make some decisions once we know if our finances are going to change at all.


  1. Wow! Well, good luck on this new adventure. I am sure you & Jordan being on your own will be so much better. :)

  2. Lots of luck with finding a new place, moving is such a chore but it's a great time to take stock of the stuff in your life. I always purge a ton of junk when I move cause it's not worth the time and energy to pack, move and then unpack. I ditched the roomates once I finished college, I have enough horror stories from those years to entertain people with.

  3. Moving is scary, but it seems like it's going to be a new step in the right direction for you and Jordan. And I have a feeling your going to like this arrangement much, much better. :)


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