$7,900 in Teeth

Jordan was born with two congenitally missing teeth - every since he was small; his benefits have only provided for a flipper/mouth piece that give the appearance of teeth.  That appliance after 20+ years is now starting to wear on his existing healthy teeth causing more problems.

So...given that for the past year we have been exploring alternatives to the mouth piece.  There are two - either bridge or surgical implants.  For a variety of reasons; primarily longevity, quality and ease of maintenance Jordan has chosen implants.

After many quotes, and many arguments with our benefit providers and dental surgeon...we have a plan.  The total cost of the two implants is $7,900 - are combined benefits will reimburse us $3,000 each calendar year....that led us to the tough decision to plan for two surgeries rather then one.

Jordan's already undergone the first surgery to implant a screw into his jaw bone and now we wait 2-3 months for it to heal. Once healed (end of December), the implant/screw will be fitted with a tooth.  Then, and only then - when the first tooth is considered 'complete' can the dentist submit the expenses to our benefit providers.  So, Jordan and I have had to pay cash (read use the credit card) for the first part of the procedure (and will continue to pay cash each time something happens related to the procedure).  In January we should get our first reimbursement; and then we'll promptly schedule the second surgery.  

Our debt load is getting a bit scary, but we have a plan and will eventually be reimbursed.  Jordan and I would both rather pay the interest now for him to have a happy and healthy mouth before we have kids or anything else when there are more demands for the money.


  1. I would definitely rather pay interest for a few months and have a permanent fix than another temporary one.

  2. Thanks ND! I thought we might take a bit of flack for the choice in the PF world.

  3. I would rather pay interest as well if it meant it was more permanent. Good decision!

  4. I totally agree with your decision. It needs to be done and the confidence if will provide is immense. I don't think the PF community should give any flack, this is necessary and not a cosmetic procedure. If you don't do it now it will cause more issues later which can be even more costly than what you are paying now.

  5. You’re such an inspiration, Jessie. This is a tough challenge for both of you, but your determination never fails. Well there’s no reason it should because, as everyone says, every challenge in life has a brighter side to it. And for you, Jordan’s surgery being successful. I just hope it will be the same with his second surgery. Stay strong.

    *Daniel @ Ormsby Dental


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