I don't know if I've shared this before or not, but I have two apple trees in my yard!  One is a crab apple tree that is baring fruit for the first time this year.  The other is an amazing tree with delish apples (not sure how they would be branded, but they are verry tasty. 

So, what can I make with baby crab apples?

What can I make with super awesome delishious apples?

mmm... I could go on for quite a while!  What is your favorite apple dish?


  1. I was always told as a kid not to eat crab apples... I thought they were poisonous. I suppose not! My favorite apple dish is apple bread, made with brown sugar... mmm.

  2. Hands down APPLE CRISP. Omg I cannot wait for fall!!!

  3. Apple crisp! yes! SOOOOO damn good! Apple pie is right up there too!

  4. Lovely...I love plain and simple apple pie and cream..mmm :)

  5. I am so jealous that you have apple trees! I can't wait until I have a backyard, then I'll plant everything. :)

    J and I love apple pie with french vanilla ice cream!

  6. Yummm!

    You can do so much with the apples. Add them to pork, or to salads, or make applesauce... the options are endless! You'll really enjoy them this fall, I"m sure!


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