STD - It Continues

So yesterday we found out that Jordan was actually only paid for 6 days at full time for the days he was at work before he went on short term disability.  The insurance company, will pay him separably for 80% of his pay for the 9 full days that he was off work.

Jordan also found out yesterday that the rest of his raise is FINALLY approved.

So I'm not sure if his STD will get paid at his new salary or his old salary and no one really seems to know the answers.

I had a look at the budget and realized that over the next few days we were going to wind up in the overdraft pretty badly - so I transferred my allowance money ($702) into our joint account as a buffer.

For those folks who remember, yes we stopped giving ourselves an allowance, but I still had some cash stashed away.  I was planning on using this money for a pretty day bed for my craft room - and hopefully will still be able to once we get the disability money and Jordan's raise comes through.


  1. I work in Dis Insurance, and this is how we do it...

    It depends when his raise is/was effective. If his raise is retroactive to before he was disabled, his disability benefits *should* be calculated at the higher rate. Disability benefits are based on pre-disability earnings.

    Hope that helps.


  2. Good thing you had that buffer. Next up, Christmas and the E-fund. And, there could be fees for dog-sitting....

  3. Congrats on the raise finally going through!!


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