Rent's Due Tomorrow

Well, we're at the end of September and my roommate is MIA.  I haven't seen her much at all the last couple of weeks.  She did say when she moved in that school keeps her very, very busy - but still.  Very strange.  In case she is 'late' with rent again, I have already transferred her damage deposit from my ING account over to my chequing account.  That way I'm protected if she's late again.  If she shows up today/tomorrow, I'll just transfer it back.  If I don't see her, i'll be asking for at least 6 month's worth of post-dated cheques.

I love ING's no fee's and my unlimited chequing (and therefor transferring) account.


  1. I remember the iffyness of having a roomate. While it didn't cause friendship problems in my realm, I saw a lot of relationships disintegrate over this. Smart of you to transfer that $ to keep your account safe.

  2. Weird, I hope she pays her share of the rent. I had many roomate issues over the years but they did always pay their rent on time. Stealing all my stuff was another story.

  3. Ugh. I hope she doesn't pull anything on you this month!! But, way to be prepared! Isn't it nice being on top of the game!?

  4. Good call on the post-dated cheques. You give them to your landlord, so getting them from her is just an extension of that. also, it is more "convenient" for her.

  5. That is annoying. You deserve brownie points for being on top of the game!

  6. Jessie,

    that works great right now. but what if your roommate continue to be MIA, what is your game plan? Do you have a way of covering the rent while still putting food on the table?




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