This Christmas

This Christmas was hard.

It was the first without my dad.  It was also the first without my brother (he's moved to Winnipeg).  It was Jordan's first without his mom and his brother (they were on a trip together).

I tried to stay upbeat and positive, mostly I faked it until I could make it.  I think for the most part people believed that I was in good spirits, and that put me in a better mood then I would have been otherwise.

I had a lot of lists.. I always do, but this year it felt a bit more mechanical.  That helped get through I think...task lists...accomplishing things.

To distract myself, I made a lot of Christmas gifts this year.  We also spent a lot - but instead of telling you how much we spent (I don't 100% know just yet... haven't added up all the receipts), I would like to share with you some photo's of my creations...

Homemade Chocolates

Hand Painted Christmas Bear

Home Made Spice Blends

Stocking Stuffer for Jordan

Scarf for Jordan's Cousin
Scarf for my Mom
Scarf for My Cousin 


  1. I don't feel like like I was faking my happiness to be with you and the rest of our family. But the holes were real, too.

    1. I wasn't faking being happy with you either :)

  2. I certainly can relate. My father died on December 20, 2009 and I recall that Christmas being very numb and sad. We still definitely think of my Dad each year around Christmas (and at other times) but I know that my Dad would want us to be happy and celebrate being together rather than be sad and mournful. This of course, takes time.

    Best wishes to you, Jordan, and your families for 2013.

    1. Thank you Margaine - best wishes to you and yours as well!


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