I beleive a few updates are in order before I get back to regurlar posting...

Our roommate gave me rent ($500) plus $50 on Thursday!  phew! I did go into my overdraft and will have to pay interest and overdraft charges because of this.  The $50 will more then cover it.  I didn't ask for any extra cash, but I beleive that she really just wanted to make things right.  I really appreciated that.  I tried to tell her it wasn't necessary but she was backing away before I had the chance. 

When I didn't get rent on or before the first, I put a hold on all of my automatic transfers *just* in case.

On Friday morning, I set re-set up my final credit card debt repayment as well as shifted some other funds around.  As it was a long weekend, all of the transfers havn't finished going through yet.  So I'm not TECHNICALLY credit card debt free, but I'm hopefull that tomorrow everything will go through.

The one transfer that I didn't stop was to our house fund, so we've gone up another $150 in that fund!

Camping went pretty well, communications got a bit botched and my brother wasn't able to join us and we got seriously rained on.  This was good for quadding (lots of mud) however, not so good for tenting.  Our tent, sleeping bags, everything got wet.  Apparently my 'deal' of a tent - was not such a hot deal.

Jordan and I will be scoping end of season sales to hopefully get a better tent.

I don't think we will buy the awesome couch, loveseat and chair for $1300 that I mentioned last week - but I might look into some cream coloured couch coveres so I don't have to look at them anymore and they give the elusion of comfort and 'homey'.  Perhaps I'll make some throw pillows? 

hmm.. I think that is probably everything for now :)


  1. Glad stuff worked out with the rent!

  2. Oh, thank goodness you received your rent money! And how nice of her to drop an extra $50! And can't wait to read your post today about being CC debt free!! :D

  3. Getting that money certainly eased tensions that could have developed from that. Your camping trip sounds a lot like many I have had. Wet but some strong memories.


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