Overtime Project II

A few months ago, I embarked on an overtime project.  My goal was to 'make more money' to help pay down my credit card debt.  Another filling project has come up at work (oh joy) and one of my October goals is to start on this project. This time, I would like to use the extra money to go towards paying down my student loan debt, of which I currently have $8,584.94 owing.

Currently, my goal is to reach 75 hours before Christmas.  75 hours would net me an approximate $1,000 to put towards my student debt.

My work week is 37.50 hours.  Due to my professional status at work, I lose any 'time' I put in between 37.50 and 40.00 hours.  Essentially I give the company 2.5 hours each week (if I work extra hours).  As there are 10 weeks until Christmas, I need to put in 7.50 PAYABLE hours per week - which means I actually need to work an extra 10 hours a week or an extra 2 hours every day.

Wish me luck.


  1. Good Luck! It will be worth it.

  2. All the best Jessie, I am sure you will do it.

  3. You rock girl! And you know that your supervisors truly appreciate the work you do. And that will be a nice zap to the Student Loans!

  4. Jessie,

    Why do you end up giving the company your time between 37.5 and 40.0 hours. You should be compensated for this time. At my job I'm compensated time and a half for anything over the 37.5 hours I put in as regular work. Even if it's not time and a half, you should get your regular hourly rate for those 2.5 hours.



  5. @ Jason - I am a salaried employee - so technically they don't have to pay me anything above and beyond my annual.

    Due to my professional classification where I work - that 2.5 hours is considered professional development. Any time after 40 hours is 'banked' (until I request it to be paid out)at straight time.

  6. Ohhh, good luck. 10 hour days are not easy! :)


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