Final - Project Overtime Update

As I'm sure a lot of you know (I'll just pretend that I lot of people read this), I've been working to put a lot of overtime in at work.

My original goal was to have 75 hours banked by August 7, 2009. I came pretty darn close. I requested a 30 hour payout on July 24, 2009; and I have requested a payout of 21.75 hours for my next pay period. I was able to bank a total of 51.75 hours in about a months time. That's pretty great I'd say. It helped me put (or will when I get paid out for the second portion) upwards of $600 towards my credit card debt.

Any overtime that I complete now would not be paid out during the next four weeks which is past my debt repayment goal.

That said, I do have some more OT on the horizen.

I was approved for another week or so of OT within my group (I'm thinking maybe 1o - 15 hours tops), and there may be another group that needs some administrative help after hours as well.

This was a fantastic way to move my debt repayment schedule ahead, and I would reccomend it for anyone who is in a position to do so.


  1. Good job Jessie! If you work more OT you will be able to beef up your Cristmas Fund and your EFund in no time.

  2. Nice Jessie! I wish I had an opportunity for some OT! Good luck!

  3. That is great! It takes a lot of extra time/discipline to get in so much OT

  4. Great job! All this hard work will be worth it in the end. :D

  5. Good going Jessie. All the best!

  6. Great job! I really wish I had the option to work overtime at my job. However, because the economy is the way it is now, they have cut our overtime until it picks up again.


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