Ask the Readers: A New Look?

Jordan suggested that because of all the recent, exciting, changes in my life - particularly getting that credit card paid off, I should change my blog template.  He figured a fresh start is what I've given myself and that's what my blog should get to. 

I've read on few sites that changing your template too often can distract readers, I've also read that most readers use a 'reader' of sorts so they don't spend a lot of time on the blog itself so it doesn't much matter.

I think I'll probably do some changes, but I'm wondering if anyone has opinions on this?


  1. I use a reader most days, so I'm not one to suggest anything. :)

  2. I love the colors and the layout of this blog... but if you feel like changing, go ahead :-)

  3. I'm about to change up my layout also! I like yours, but of course will keep reading if it looks different. :)

  4. I'm a webpage girl. I like to see the whole package. I always thought yours was rather elegant and envious as I have no clue how to make a blog look that way. I use a 'helper' site now for layout, but before it was just a template option.

  5. I am still envious of this current layout you are using. i am not savvy in the ways of blog templates - and often stick to the templates given because of that. Persoanlly I find this to be the most elegant one I've been reading - and I read the webpage itself - so I can see your bars and lovely leaf pattern.

    Personally - I think perhaps changing the colour scheme of this blog but keeping the actual design would be fun - if you are looking for a change. Truly though I love this new update of yours. It's regal!

  6. You have a classy, clean webpage -- I would keep it. Mine, I hate, it's a modified template. I want to redo it, but again, don't want to put off any readers (the few of you who visit regularly, lol)!

  7. I like your template, too. It is unique.

  8. The only suggestion I would have is that where you have the time posted, to include the month and day as well???

  9. That's true that a lot of readers use an RSS Reader to actually read info, but I do go to blogs occasionally to comment.

    And new readers might be turned off if the template is too busy or cluttered


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