Negotiations with the Landlord - The Continuation

Yesterday I wrote about finding a new roommate, this will seriously alleviate some of the financial stresses we thought we were about to encounter.  That said, we are still in the middle of a lease/rent negotiation with our landlord.  Further to yesterday's post, this is another reason not to re-do my budget just yet.  We may be faced with a rental decrease, she may try to increase it, any number of different scenarios could play out.

The lease was up on September 1, 2009.  As landlord had to leave the country for a few weeks we agreed to pay the same rate $1,500 for the month of October.  Many e-mails later (check out the 'moving' and 'roommate' categories for more info), she told us we would figure everything out when she got back to Canada on October 12th.

It's October 20th today.

Jordan (and my mom) think we should wait for landlord to come to us.  We need to not look desperate. My fear is what happens if she doesn't get back to us and November 1st comes and we still have no agreement in place.  I'll keep everyone appraised of how this situation develops - hopefully it works out and everything is happy :D


  1. Jesie,

    I find it odd that you need a new lease. I currently have a 1 year term on the rental place I have, however when that term is up it becomes a month to month lease. What did your last lease state will happen when the lease expires?



  2. @ Jason - excellent question, I shall read it again. I don't think it says anything will happen afterwards. I have just always signed a new lease...

  3. You still have over a week, I'd definitely wait at least till Monday before starting to worry!

    Not sure how it works in Canada but like Jason, here it simply rolls over to a periodic tenancy once a fixed term lease expires. That's what happened with us at our last place.


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