Bill Reduction

Not too long ago I reviewed some cost saving options on our phone/internet plan.  When I did that assessment, we had five people living in the house.  Now that we're down to three - I called our phone/internet provider to see how much we could save if Jordan and I eliminated our house phone.

During the conversation, I found out that this company has a Student Plan.  WHAT?! A student plan!? I've lived with and/or been a student the entire time I've been in calgary.

Okay, not going to dwell on that.

Jordan happens to be a part-time student right now, hurrah!  So, as a first step we decided to get on this student plan and then decided next month if we want to keep the phone or not.

We were able to reduce our plan from $55.95/month to $44.40/month (plus GST of course)

That saves us $13.55 every month!  

Granted - that's not a huge sum of money, but I'm a firm believer that every little bit helps.


  1. Nice!

    The boyfriend and I nixed our home phone/cable when we moved into our new place 13 months ago. We've saved just under $1000 so far on base prices alone - never mind tax and "extras" like voicemail, etc...

    Blew my mind.

  2. That is great news. One thing I did was call up my provider and tell them that their competitor had offered me a better price (you know, one of those telemarketers called and I listened so that I could negotiate with my own company better). It took me about 20 minutes of being put on hold and transfered around but eventually I was offered the same price as the competitor for more options but only for 6 months. I'll take it! And in 6 months I'll call back and ask if they can lower it again. I went from about $145 a month (phone, internet, cable) to $99 a month (plus taxes of course). That's almost $300 I'll save in 6 months. Give it a try.

  3. Every little bit helps. At least you have options.

  4. @ Financial Cat - I actually go through this process every six months or so - choosing a different provider. A few months ago I got my satellite bill down by $20 (guaranteed for 12 months).

  5. That's fantastic! Every little bit helps for sure. Be persistent and keep bugging those companies.

  6. @ All - thanks!! Slowly but surely by cutting not only variable expenses but 'fixed' expenses and increasing the amount I can earn - I'll be on an even better financial path.

  7. Huh, I wonder if my phone provider has a student plan too? That's so interesting - I've never heard of any utility company doing student plans :)

  8. Every little bit helps! And $13.55/month savings seems like a little, but it adds up to $162.60/year. And that is awesome!


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