Spending Summary

Over the last week Jordan and I purchased quite a few items!  Here is our 'spending summary'

So, we each owe our house fund $666.41.  That's not to shabby at all.  We have a plan in place to have this paid back by January (this is when we anticipate re-starting our house fund as well).  You'll notice that there is nothing in the 'Chair' category.  This is because we are going to be re-furbishing two old Ikea chairs.  One is from my great aunt and the other Jordan has already picked up.

Going forward, it's back to budgeting.

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  1. How fun it will be to have all those lovely new things in your home. How much MORE fun that you had money to pay for it and did not put it on a CC! Enjoy the new items and the continued saving for things.


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