Weekend Update

Phew! What a busy, busy weekend we had!

Samantha finally finished moving on Friday (October, 23) which was a full two weeks later then she said she would be.

Nelson and Lindsay have nearly finished moving as well.  They did the bulk of their things on Saturday, and then came on Sunday to do a little cleaning and do one more car load.  They still have quite a pile of things to move, but at least the bedroom/bathroom for new roommate was finished.

We spent just about all of Saturday out of the house to give everybody the space they needed to move/clean. Unfortunately, I had to spend a good hour and half to two hours cleaning our roommates left overs on Sunday.  The bathroom had a lot of things under the sink and what not that had to be cleaned/sorted and the floors/toilet had to be cleaned. Both bedrooms had to have the walls washed (scuff marks) and the floors needed a good second vacuum as well.

We spent the rest of Sunday re-organizing and cleaning our things.  We were able to move my desk out of our bedroom and bring the spare bed upstairs, so we now have a really nice spare bedroom upstairs.  I'd like to maybe put some art on the walls - but it's good for now.  We were also able to clean the living room and bring out some of the new art pieces we've been collecting over the last few weeks and we brought up my glass coffee table from the basement as well.

The kitchen and our bedroom need a few more hours of love, but it's all coming together really nicely.


  1. Sounds great. I'm glad to hear that things are falling into place! Exciting times.

  2. @ Financial - thanks! it's feeling really good to almost be there. I'm sure it feels great for brother and his girlfriend to be entering into a new chapter of change too. It's a great feeling all around!


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