It's Payday!

Today is payday!  Here is my budget for the next two weeks:

If the item is highlighted in green the transaction has already happened, most of my accounts are set up on auto debits/credits so by the time I wake up in the morning everything has happened already - I love that!

You'll notice that for the next two weeks I've budgeted $200 instead of my normal $300.  This was, in large part, because I bought glasses and needed to put some money towards that on my Visa.  I've put a big chunk of money into my emergency fund, and got started on my clothing fund.  I also have budgeted $200 to carry forwarded to my next bi-weekly budget.  This is b/c I'm preparing for rent to be $750 next month.

I created the new clothing fund, as promised, and have removed this item from my bi-weekly variable spending.  I've also decided that 5 jars was too many, and have downgraded to three.  I'll now have transportation, food, and other/entertainment. This suites my lifestyle more closely and how I/we've been using the jars.


  1. I think saving for clothes at ING will be far more effective than having a jar, just waiting to be plundered.

  2. You've really started to get me thinking about clothes and a wardrobe. Even though I've cleared so much stuff out I get the feeling like I don't have pieces that go together - so now I'm thinking about setting up my own "clothes account" and spending a few months thinking about what few basic articles would fill out my wardrobe and make it more friendly.

    Darn you Jessie, making me think about spending more money. ;)

  3. When you say "jars," you mean real jars of money? I think that would drive me nuts, Mr. Saver would have his hand the 'cookie jar' when I wasn't looking!

  4. @ mom - I think so too, it'll be way easier to avoid spending it it is tucked away in a bank.

    @ SS4BC - *sorry* I've never spent a lot of money on clothes..I've realized that now that i'm in a 'professional' job stream - I need to look the part.

    @ Rainy - I sure do mean jars. I have three of 'em that sit in my window :) I based what I do off of Gail Vaz-Oxlade's majic jar method. The trick is, that if the money's gone - that's it. No more spending until next pay day.

  5. Ohhh, way to go for paying off your glasses so quickly!!

  6. Looks like things are going well Jessie.

    Just remember when shopping for clothes you don't need to spend alot to get a "professional" look.



  7. Looks great! Very organized, I hope you find some great clothing!

  8. @ Girl - YAY! You were able to post!!


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