It's Payday!

Hurrah, it's payday.  Here's a breakdown for the next two weeks.

As mentioned last week, Jordan and I decided to but our house fund on hold for a month or two until things settle down with our housing situation.  Jordan also increased is truck repayment plan, and wanted to see how that would work out.  Because of that, and no more credit card debt repayment, I had an extra $600 this month to play with.

I kept my jar money at $300 which seems to be working.

I was going to break up the large sum, but in interests of meeting some of my short term goals, I'm going to go after them one at a time while maintaining my $25/bi-weekly contribution schedule.  So, this pay day, I'm putting $500 towards my Christmas fund which will have it fully funded for this year and $100 towards my emergency fund.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I found I felt better tackling the goals one at a time than a lil bit in each one. A psychological reason, to be sure, but it kept me on course because it meant 'something' was getting checked off the list faster.

    Just think how good you'll feel with that Christmas money already there.

  2. And ready for our Nov. shopping trip

  3. Great to have the Christmas fund done. Our families are doing a lot of grab bag gifts this year, instead of individual gifts, to help cut down.

  4. Hello Jessie,

    Those amounts for the Jars is that for each week or until you are paid again? Do you track what you spend the money on in each Jar as you go?



  5. @ Jason - Hey there, thanks for the questions. I addressed them and gave a few more details in a new post!


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